Easily control your indicators
$19.95 after 30 day free trial or FREE if #Tags is installed and licensed.
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Easily Utilize Your Color Controls

Indicators are a great way to alert you and your family of conditions in your house.  But traditionally they have required too many events or too much scripting.  Want a red indicator if the alarm is not set after 9pm?  Ok.  But what if you want to add a yellow indicator if the spa is warm?  How about a Blue indicator if a water leak is detected? Which color wins?  With Flash simply tell it to alert and choose your color and timeframe.  That is it, you are done! Flash will merge your new alert into a sequence that rotates through each color that is 'active' and continue to cycle it automatically until it expires or you stop it.  


Simply utilize the new action that Flash adds to your system. Choose your device, the On color and optionally the Off color.  The rest is handled automatically.


While designed for indicators, you can also Flash any other controllable device you want.


Just one action added to your events.  Flash manages the state automatically.


  • Name: Flash
  • Type: Plug-In
  • Provider: Casa Piedra Software
  • Cost: $29.95 after 30 day free trial
  • Support Information: HomeSeer Support Forum

Main Features

  • Quickly utilize your color indicator lights
    • Turn on a color indicator and it will automatically be added to a sequence that plays all turned on colors
    • Control how long each indicator is on and (optionally) automatically remove the indicator after it plays
    • Adds one Action to the HomeSeer Events page
  • Whether your device is a single RGB indicator, or a device with one or more children representing different colors, Flash will find and control the correct device automatically and is smart enough to know which devices represent a full control control and which represent on color channel
  • Be notified when you want! Pause/Continue an indicator sequence
  • Includes the device grouping capabilities from #Tags to quickly and flexibly create groups of indicators
  • #Tags enabled! Utilize your #Tags in your actions in addition to your traditional devices

Usage Scenarios

Simple indicators

  • Set an indicator to red if the alarm is not set by 9pm
  • Set an indicator to yellow if the spa is warmed up
  • Set an indicator to blue if a water leak is detected

Complex indicator

  • Cycle between red, yellow, and blue based on the three conditions in the ‘Simple’ example. Traditionally this would require numerous events or scripting

Groups of indicators

  • Create a group of downstairs indicators using Flash’s group creation tool. Then set all the indicators to the conditions that matter to you. New indicators can automatically be added to your group, no event or scripting changes needed

Be notified when you want

  • Turn off the indicator at 11pm and then resume it at 8am.


  • HomeSeer Version or higher