Robust scene management
$29.95 after 30 day free trial
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Quickly control multiple devices with a single action by creating a scene!

Easily create scenes from your HomeSeer devices.  Each scene can have multiple profiles such a Nighttime, Dinnertime, Morning, etc that have unique settings per device.  Activate the scene and all the devices respond.


Quickly create scenes with the scene editor


Create unlimited profiles per scene each with custom settings for each device




  • Name: SceneMaster
  • Type: Plug-In
  • Provider: Casa Piedra Software
  • Cost: $29.95 after 30 day free trial
  • Support Information: HomeSeer Support Forum

Main Features

  • Group devices into a scene, Create multiple profiles; for each scene (group of devices)
    • Each profile exposes a HomeSeer device to activate/deactivate that profile
    • Each profile can have a custom dim control to dim all the devices in the profile according to a pre-calculated or user-specified per-device curve. (To accommodate different lighting technologies such as Incandescent, LED, etc. that do not dim at the same rate)
    • Plugin monitors external control of devices and will change the state of the scene profile device if the scene members’ values match a profile
      • For example: If you have some scene control outside this plugin (UPB link, etc.) that sets devices to a specific state, the plugin will monitor this and set the HS profile device to active. (For UPB this can be desirable as sending individual commands to multiple devices can be slow).
      • Since the Scene Profile is a HS device that gets ‘on’/’off’ values when the profile is active, this can be setup in HS event engine to easily trigger other events when a profile match occurs.
  • Easy integration into HSTouch by exposing a ‘learn’ button per profile to set the current state as the values of devices for the profile.
  • Allows for easy reconfiguration of profile settings without using Web UI
  • Scenes can have specified enable times where commands to control the scene are only valid at specific hours.
  • Scene timer function
    • Activate a scene profile for a specified duration
    • Re-triggering a scene timer resets the timer
    • On expire devices will be returned to the previous state (great for motion triggers)
    • Option to cancel the timer if any device in the scene is changed outside the plugin (for example pressing the light switch on)
    • Upon scene activate, options to change device values always, when current value is lower, and when current value is higher than the value specified by the scene profile.

Usage Scenarios

Simple scene control

  • Set lights/devices to certain values when activated and restore them to their previous state when deactivated

Control dimming of lights in a group

  • Setup a scene with multiple devices; define specific curves for a dim slider so your LED lights don’t go to full bright when the incandescent are still dim

Motion events

  • Many motion event scenarios by combining time schedule, change if higher/lower, and cancel on scene member device change

Example - Bathroom light

  • Turn on the bathroom light to 20% at night only if it is < 20% currently; retrigger on each motion event; cancel timer if light switch hit (so it does not expire when you are in there!)
  • Say you have your garage lights set on a schedule to 50% to come on at night; Setup a timer based on motion trigger that sets them to 100% at night; when the timer expires, they will go to the previous state (50%).


  • HomeSeer Version or higher