Breakthrough group management
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Group your devices quickly and flexibly

The Tag editor allows you to create groups quickly based on your needs.  All d


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  • Name: #Tags
  • Type: Plug-In
  • Provider: Casa Piedra Software
  • Cost: $69.95 after 30 day free trial
  • Support Information: HomeSeer Support Forum

Main Features

  • Advanced dynamic rule based #Tag editor to create your #Tags
    • Create unlimited #Tags
    • Unlimited devices per #Tag (tested with thousands of devices!)
    • New devices automatically added to the right #Tags. No Event or Scripting changes needed! Very powerful, grow your system incorporate your new devices automatically
    • See your changes in the editor before committing them to your system. Roll back your changes without risk
  • Powerful #Tag Events and Conditions add power and flexibility to your Events
  • Simple to use Actions are added to control your #Tags
    • Optionally create a virtual device per #Tag and control it with traditional device triggers, conditions, actions, and scripts
    • Supports virtual status devices, these devices reflect the state of a #Tag
      • Since a #Tag represents multiple real devices, the virtual status device can flexibly by set to the status that makes the most sense for you
        • Last value set to any member device (default)
        • The highest value of any member device
        • The lowest value of any member device
        • The average value of member devices (great for multiple temperature, humidity, and luminance sensors!)
      • Copy status graphics from an existing device to your virtual status device with one click
  • API for Plugin authors to support #Tags in their plugins as well
    • Flash supports #Tags today!

Usage Scenarios

Downstairs Lights

  • Create a #Tag group called #DownstairsLights with all devices who’s full name contains both Downstairs and Light
  • Set #DownstairsLights lights to off at 11pm each night. All the devices in the group respond by turning off
  • Add a new light downstairs called 'Downstairs Hallway Light’, it is automatically added to the #DownstairsLights group. No Event or Script changes required!

House Temperature

  • Create a virtual status device who’s value is the average of all your temperature sensors.

Door Locks

  • Create a #DoorLock group and set it to ‘Locked’ each evening. As you expand your system new locks are automatically added and locked daily


  • HomeSeer Version or higher